Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/8/2022

All About 2048

2048 is a puzzle video game that allows players to add up large exponential sums of numbers in a fun way. Players are to connect the numbers and try to get past the 2048 high score.

This game has various variations, but the gameplay by Androplay stands out and has an interface that keeps players glued to their screens. Prepare for an addictive experience with this game, as it is sure to keep players swiping.

Gabriele Cirulli developed 2048; however, Androbaby published this game variation on the Android platform. It was released by Androbaby in Nov 2015 and has since garnered over 10 million downloads. The game is suitable for all ranges as long as they understand the concept of mathematics. It is a free app available for download on Android but comes with some in-app purchases. However, these in-app purchases are not so expensive.

Intriguing Gameplay

The game 2048 is playable on a standard 4 by 4 (4x4) matrix with sliding labelled tiles which the player controls with the arrow keys on the keyboard or can Begin moving all tiles by swiping on android and iOS platforms. Players are to connect the digits to reach the 2048 tile. A new tile with one of the numbers 2 and 4 automatically arises in an open space on the matrix each turn. Until the tiles run into other board pieces or the line border the board has, they will move as far as they can in the direction they have been given. When two moving tiles of equal numerical value intersect, they will combine into one static tile, the sum of the moving tiles that merged. The tile derived from the merge cannot merge with a new tile within a consecutive turn. The maximum number of doable tiles to merge is 131,072; Larger-scored tiles give a gentle glow.

Only the two tiles that are furthest along the movement direction will merge when a swipe results in 3 successive tiles with the same number sliding together. A movement opposite that column or row will merge the first two and last two tiles if the entire four openings have tile pieces showing similar numbers. The user's performance is displayed on a scorecard in the top right-hand corner. Every time two tiles merge, the player's score is raised by the sum of the newly combined tile from zero to one.

Players can keep playing to reach high sums, but the player is victorious when they hit a sum of 2048 on a tile. After that, the game round ends no more spaces are available for more additions.

Interesting Features

2048 has interesting features that make it the addictive game it is today. Some of these features are listed below:

  • 2048 comes in different grid sizes; it features the conventional (4 by 4) grid, big (5x5), bigger (6x6), large (8x8), and small (3x3) board options!
  • After collecting all 2048 grid pieces, keep playing for the highest score.
  • Automatic game saving allows you to resume play at a later time.
  • Support for one undo movement per swipe
  • Attractive, simplistic, and timeless graphics
  • Scoreboards for different grid sizes.
  • Full native application.
  • Use any region of the screen to play.

Some Tricks That Could Be Helpful Whilst Playing The 2048 Game

When playing 2048, on the surface, the game could be presented as straightforward. However, after playing several turns, players quickly conclude that the game requires a strategic point of view. Here are some tips to help:

  • Recognize how the grid moves.

There are only four primary movements in 2048: upwards, downwards, left, and right. Each tile on the grid moves as far as it can in that place after each swipe. If more than one card may be combined simultaneously, they all will. Before sliding a tile that might or might not land in the position you expected it to, consider this and become familiar with how moves operate.

  • Move in the direction of the corners.

Players will have more of the centre square grid to place new tiles if they keep playing from the corners. The finest results are obtained when the tiles are kept together in the corners. Once you can, add additional tiles to the centre region where players can slide them to the sides to merge them. One good strategy is to start in the upper left corner and then move the entire board to the bottom left or diagonally to create bigger combos. A change in strategy is greatly facilitated by playing from the corners.

  • Play proactively.

Planning is important. In a way, this is related to my first piece of advice. Look at everything you hold on the board and consider how a 2 or 4 card would alter it. For example, you might be able to make a match right now, but bringing down a 2 on the reverse side could make numerous pairings possible. This is one way to play proactively and strategically.

  • Go slowly and consider

It's okay if you don't make the greatest move since sometimes it can be difficult to determine what it is. As long as the board is empty, 2048 allows you plenty of chances to make up for a wrong move. Before worrying about new cards, look at where the cards are on the board and determine whether you need to move any of them if you are unsure of the best course of action.

Simplistic Graphics

The graphics are created in a simplistic manner featuring grids, 2D tiles and pastel colours. The colours in the game are just right to keep players immersed in the game.


The 2048 number puzzle game is perfect for gaming nerds and, generally, anyone that wants to have a good time swiping and adding up numbers. With an addictive concept and simplistic interface, the game is sure to keep players involved and immersed.