Go Kart Go! Ultra!

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/20/2022

Playing Go Kart Go! Ultra!

  • The game has great graphics and beautiful designs. The overall game experience is also smooth, thanks to the animations.
  • The game's also easy to pick, and everyone can play it.
  • Players can choose from 9 wacky animals to drive their vehicle, and each animal has unique sounds.
  • There are 3 new tracks to play and 6 other classic tracks.
  • You can challenge yourself with up to 10 achievements.
  • Stars collected during gameplay can be used to unlock new characters.
  • Player 1 uses arrow keys to steer, spacebar to use items, shift to jump, Z to look around, Esc to Pause, and M to mute.
  • Player two uses the WASD keys to steer, Q to use items, Tab to jump, E to look around, Esc to Pause, and M to Mute sound.

Getting Started with Go Kart Go! Ultra!

You can play the web version only on your PC and laptop. However, the mobile version is available as a mobile app. So mobile users can download that to enjoy the game as well.

Who Developed Go Kart Go! Ultra!

Xform Games developed the game. This developer is situated in the Netherlands and created the game Rally Point 5.