Gold Digger Frvr

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/20/2022

Gold Digger Frvr

Dive into an adventure looking for gold in the Gold Digger Frvr game. Play as a miner equipped with only a shovel, and get as rich as possible.

The Gold Digger Frvr is an exploration game based on a miner going underground with a shovel. Dig through earth, mud, and rocks, and use the gold you get to earn money. Improve your character with the money you get.

There's no limit to how much gold you can get. So collect as much gold as you can as you play.

Playing Gold Digger Frvr

Gold Digger Frvr is a mine puzzle game that allows you to fill your bag with gold and diamonds. You'll be given a tool, a pickaxe or shovel, and a helmet. Then, you can enter the mine and explore it full of treasures. But that's not all that is there. There are also puzzles you need to solve and dangers of digging in the mine.

Here are some game features to look out for:

  • Dig day and night to accumulate gold.
  • Sell it in Joe's shop.
  • Dig carefully or get crushed by rocks.
  • Use the money to buy new equipment for your expedition.
  • In the puzzle, match three or more stones of the same color to make them explode.

You can explore every single part of the cave in the Gold Digger Frvr game and find different things. Along with the gold nuggets and giant diamonds, you can also get dinosaur bones and a lot of trash. In the puzzle section, you can match three or more stones of the same color. Then, use your pickaxe to cut through them and make them explode.

How To Play Gold Digger Frvr

  • Click on Play.
  • Start with the training session.
  • Walk around the mine and get as much gold as possible.

 Who Developed Gold Digger Frvr?

Gold Digger Frvr is a fun game developed by FRVR Games. They are famous for their Facebook games