Moto X3M

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/10/2022

About Moto X3M

Moto X3M is an extreme bike racing game played over a network connection. Racing your motorcycle across stages filled with enormous, moving obstructions that you must leap over or dodge is the objective. Spin in midair to speed up the game and get a winning record. Be aware of when to halt, crash, and respawn. Make an effort to finish the levels as quickly as possible.

Moto X3M is a racing video game with bikes as the principal vehicles, along with time trials and other difficult obstacles to overcome. There are 22 stages in this extreme game, each of which presents a daunting task, each more daunting than the last and presents players the opportunity to show off their extreme biking tricks. So prepare to strap on the protective headgear, rev up your engine, and dash at optimal speed towards the end of the bike race.

One unique quality that brings every one of the stages is that they're all speedy and require a fair amount of skill to finish each of the 22 levels with 3 stars. Additionally, every map includes several pitfalls and tests the players must overcome. Massive spirals, terrible falls, and easy-crushing slides and barriers are on some levels. Every stage will present unique challenges, so gamers ought to be prepared for whatever comes.

MadPuffers developed and released the Moto X3M in 2016, and it is available for download on Web browsers, iOS and Android platforms. It is a free game with in-app purchases.

Quick-paced Gameplay

Moto X3M is designed with 22 different tracks. These tracks start basic but are fast overrun with booby traps and a couple of barriers that try to hinder your fast space. However, because you are awarded the amount of time the player takes to see the trial to the end, all levels are very replayable.

Players are expected to drive quickly but cautiously around any new issues. Each mistake takes time and causes the star rating after a level to get deducted. Make sure to fit acrobatics between big hops to execute acrobatics to decrease the time spent on your winning tally!

The stages completed in this game by players give stars that players could exchange in return for motorcycles. That motivates players to make repeated track attempts to improve their allotted time and possibly gain new bikes.

If the players have adequate experience and playing Moto X3M isn't anything new to them, they can race through in a short time of 20 mins provided they know their way around the road layout provided. Lately, the set record is currently 13 mins and half a minute if players are interested in beating the current set record.

If this is your first go at Moto X3M, it is advised that you just enjoy the fun part of racing around and riding the bike around without concerning yourself about beating the record. Enjoy the game and win the 3 stars to start with, and move on, building your skill until you're proficient enough, after which you can now consider a speedrun to beat the record.

Tips for playing Moto X3M

The more you can attempt some extreme stunts, the better. Be willing to try again, and slow down when necessary. In some levels, coming to a slow halt is crucial to maintaining the grip of your bike, even though you'll need to go speedy for most of the game. Being seamless or making seamless rides rather than quick might be advantageous at times

An additional time will be given for pulling off aerial tricks and acrobatics. You'll reduce the time required for each stunt, increasing your total points. However, accidents will cost you time, so occasionally, applying the brakes is not a terrible idea. It could be worthwhile to take a moment to think about how to get past a new, perplexing obstacle if you come across one.

It is understandable if you don't achieve a star-studded time record on your initial attempt. The stages can be played repeatedly, as preferred by the player and as necessary to perfect every trick and jump. Checkpoints are the traffic signals you pass when you ride across the road. You can continue from these checkpoints if your motorcyclist gets blasted up or knocked down while driving off his bike.

Tricks and Acrobatics: Develop your acrobatics and flips. Flip forward and backwards to reduce your time by 0.5 seconds. Each flip adds up to 0.5 seconds, and the flips pile up. The added time isn't always worthwhile, though, because some tactics could make you slower.

Rear Tire Ramp up: If you just touch the ground with your rear tire as you fall, you'll get a boost. However, note that too much verticality could cost you time. Therefore, search for the ideal angle.

Easy To Handle Controls Of The Moto X3M game

The navigation keys in this wonderful bike game are easy to locate. A quick guide is given below

  • To speed things up, click the up directional buttons.
  • Using the left and right arrow keys, control your bicycle.
  • Click the downward options menu to interrupt.
  • Flips and other acrobatics can be done to gain time.
  • Avoid crashes.

Amazing Features

Moto X3M has very interesting and addictive features to create an immersive player experience. Some of the features of this viking masterpiece are:

  • 22 stages with lots of replayability
  • Numerous difficulties and problems
  • Gain more medals by finishing in less time.
  • Spend money on brand-new motorcycles
  • More than 170 difficult and beautiful stages
  • Over 25 automobiles and motorcycles unlock
  • As you twist and cartwheel through the quick stages, do gruesome acrobatics and outrageous tricks
  • More elevated concentrations will be released soon.
  • Beat your fastest time in a timed race as you race against the clock.
  • Levels, milestones, extra game packs, and the ability to turbo leap by collecting nitro boosters.


This game specially caters to extreme sports lovers and biker fans too. So if you fall within these categories, download this game and explore its interesting qualities of this game.