Piano Tiles

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/10/2022

Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles is a fun single-player mobile game based on music and hitting the notes correctly.

In this engaging game, you must click on the black tiles while avoiding the white tiles. The addictive game pulls you into the exciting gameplay, and you can give it a try at any time. There are charming piano soundtracks that you have to follow, and as the music becomes faster, you have to meet the black tiles quickly.

The game has different modes and was so popular that it got a sequel launched a year later.

Playing Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles is an addictive game with simple gameplay that anyone can get the hang of. The game offers different kinds of songs and a customizable playlist that you can choose from. Click on the music you want and follow the black tiles without clicking on the white ones. Here are some features of the game:

  • Multiple game modes, including Classic, Arcade, Zen, Rush, and Relay.
  • Customizable playlist with charming piano soundtracks.
  • Multiple color themes and different color options.
  • Social network sharing for your game results.
  • Smooth gameplay for the high-resolution screen.

In this game, you must tap on the black tiles while avoiding the white ones. If you click on the black tiles, it will give off the right tune. But, if you click on the white one, it gives off an off-tune and ends the game. There are basic compositions like Ode to Joy and Fur Elise and customizable songs that you can check out.

How To Play Piano Tiles

  • Open the game.
  • Choose your music tune.
  • Choose the game mode.
  • Start clicking on the black tiles while following the tune.

Who Developed Piano Tiles?

Piano Tiles was developed by Umoni Studios and was first released in 2014. The game gained much popularity, and its sequel was released in 2015.