Afterlife: The Game

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/20/2022

This game is a continuation of life after death. It allows players to have a virtual experience of what comes when people die. The game allows the protagonist to have countless fun with minigames as a ghost. You can make other ghosts laugh, protect the living, or do anything fun enough for you.

Play Afterlife: The Game to influence the living even from the land of the dead. The graphics here might not be the best, but it still manages to denote the game's main purpose (ghostly world). Players will also have access to an easy control system, so moving around and interacting with the game elements won't be an issue.

Playing Afterlife: The Game

As mentioned earlier, the game introduces you to a world without living. Your goal is, therefore, to live as subtly as any ghost will. There is a storyline to follow, and the game levels aren't too difficult, so you won't get stuck trying to play.

The control system is mainly the mouse. You'll be able to easily find your way around by moving the mouse and left-clicking to interact. There is also an in-game instruction, so you can follow it to easily navigate the environment.

Getting Started with Afterlife: The Game

The game is HTML5, so you can play on your web browser across multiple devices. For example, you can open your browser and play on a PC while using your mouse. Otherwise, you can play on your mobile device while using your touchscreen to control the game character.

Who Developed Afterlife: The Game?

Ohmaigawd developed this mobile game. The developer is also the brain behind the sequel, Life- The Game. So anyone who's played it will easily understand Afterlife: The Game.