Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/20/2022

Prophets is a simulation game where players get to become a prophet and spread the holy gospel of God. You'll be able to preach your word to the masses and gather followers along the way. The game might seem simple on paper, but it can be awfully difficult in gameplay.

It allows you to interact with your environment and get dynamic clues from your surroundings. There are also many characters to choose from. These include the Animist, The Absurdist, The Pacifist, The Cynic, The Mystic, The Rationalist, and the Traditionalist.

These characters have their peculiar appearance and can influence how your game unfolds. You'll enjoy the game better if you play all characters and experience what it's like to be all of them.

Playing Prophets

The game is not straightforward. The storyline is also dynamic, depending on which character you play. However, the narrative is to always call people to the gospel and to get her enough followers to form a congregation.

You can communicate your thoughts in the game by writing them. You can also check the game environment to determine what to say and how to react to some situations. The dynamism and freedom in the game are what made it interesting and a good avenue to spend time.

Depending on your chosen character, the game might be funny or strict. So start playing and sharing your thoughts to show everyone you're no joke in the Prophets!

Getting Started with Prophets

You can play the HTML5 game on your Mobile, tablet, and PC devices. Open your web browser and locate the game on your favourite game centre to start.

Who Developed Prophets?

This beautiful game was developed and released by Studio Seufz. It's easy to play for free as well. Other games from the developers include Murder, Moon Waltz, and Caesar's Day Off.