Rabbit Samurai

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/20/2022

Rabbit Samurai

Become a Rabbit Samurai in this engaging, addictive game! Any white rabbit can become a samurai with some skills, a grappling hook, and quick movements.

Rabbit Samurai is a skill game that involves swinging underground, collecting yummy carrots, and rescuing your friends who are mice trapped in the wolf's lair. Use your ninja skills and weapons during this exciting adventure. As you play, you need to avoid dangerous traps and collect crystals.

Save all your mice friends as quickly as possible, and boost your strength with the carrots you find on the way.

Playing Rabbit Samurai

Rabbit Samurai is an action-adventure game based on a white rabbit who wants to help his Sensei, an old mouse. The game's main aim is to get the mouse that taught you your ninja skills, but he is trapped in the wolf's lair. So fly to the land and start using your grappling hook and agile skills to save him and the other mice. Here are some exciting game features:

  • Use the rocket ninja cannon to launch yourself into the wolf's lair.
  • Save the mice and run to the finish spot.
  • Break the mouse traps.
  • Use the grappling hook to swing around.
  • Collect carrots and hidden crystals.
  • Avoid spikes and other obstacles.

You can save all the mice and become their hero with your ninja skills. The Rabbit Samurai offers cartoonish graphics and music that bring the gameplay to life. Swing on the rope to jump higher, break mouse traps, end enjoy the smooth mechanics.

How To Play Rabbit Samurai

  • Open the game and click play.
  • The game starts with a comic-style explanation of the storyline.
  • Then, there is a tutorial round for new players.
  • Tap the screen or hold the left mouse button to use the grappling hook.

Who Developed Rabbit Samurai?

Mini Duck Games developed Rabbit Samurai. The game became possible, and a sequel was released.