Rio Rex

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/20/2022

Rio Rex is an interesting game that allows players to rampage through villages and cities. The game has an arcade style but is fitted with an authoritarian environment. You can assume the role of a character with sharp teeth and claws who goes through the city to attack the inhabitants.

The game makes you the bad guy, so you must attack innocent people and decimate them to a successful play. The screams and squeals of dying humans make the game character happen as it munches on their flesh and destroys everything in its path. The game is also much more interesting when you have to learn how to breathe fire and attack the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Playing Rio Rex

Although much violence is to be witnessed here, the game is still thrilling. Your goal is to wreak havoc on the villagers when you assume the role of Rex, the tyrannical attacker. There are 16 levels in the game, and each has different objectives.

You can collect human skulls as rewards for your conquests. You'll also be able to use these skulls for game upgrades and reign terrors everywhere. The challenges can take many forms; for example, humans can set traps for you, and you lose when you get caught in them.

The game control involves using A/D or the Left/right arrows to go left and right. Use the W arrow to jump. Also, click on the mouse to attack or breathe fire (by holding).

Getting Started with Rio Rex

The game's available as an HTML5 game on PCs, but there are also mobile versions for Android and iOS players. Download and install the game to start playing.

Who Developed Rio Rex?

Rio Rex is a product of Gametornado. The game studio is based in the Czech and has created various other games such as Short Life, Short Ride, and LA Rex.