Sugar Sugar 2

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/20/2022

Sugar, Sugar 2 is a simulation game, which is a sequel to the Sugar, Sugar game. Like the previous version, the game allows you to solve multiple puzzles which revolve around sugars and coffee cups.

The puzzles are made up of coffee cups and sugar, so you probably need a little knowledge of both to play well. Your basic task is to draw a well-placed line to capture the sugar grain into the coffee cup.

The game has simple graphics since there won't be many actions ongoing during gameplay. Each level you play will require different levels of challenge. So, the game does get more challenging when you start to progress across higher levels.

Playing Sugar Sugar 2

Playing the game involves sliding around the screen to fix puzzles. Unlike regular puzzles, your goal is to find the best way for the sugar to reach the coffee cups. As a new player, you will be welcomed with basic game difficulty. But as you finish one level, you'll unlock the next and each level is more difficult than the one before.

There aren't many game elements here, so you won't have to unlock or upgrade the game. The major upgrades are in the game levels. You win when you successfully finish the game without leaving a mess on the floor.

The control system here is also simple. You can draw a line with the mouse button and fill the cup. The line will serve as a medium to get the Sugar to the cup and protect the grains from falling outside the desired area.

Getting Started with Sugar Sugar 2

The game is available on PCs, so you can play on your web browser. However, it's not available on your android web browsers.

Who Developed Sugar Sugar 2

Right from Bart Bonte studios, Sugars, Sugar 2 and Sugar, Sugar were created. The developer also created other games like Factory Balled Forever and Green.